Is it allowed to connect external platforms to the social accounts?

It is allowed to connect external services to the social accounts of the Alpro and Provamel brand, under the following conditions:

  1. Inform the global plant-based acceleration team when connecting a new external service, stating which service will be connected, for what purpose, who will have access to this service and for which markets it will be used. This information is important to ensure brand safety on our social accounts and avoid unknown external services to be disconnected during security checks.
  2. No service can be connected to replace Clarabridge Engage as a platform to reply to consumer reactions on our social channels (= community management). Clarabridge Engage is the main platform to be used to ensure proper routing of consumer reactions on our global channels to the relevant local market and to be able to effectively monitor and improve consumer service across markets.
  3. The same rules apply for connected external services when it comes to publishing organic posts. For local social accounts (e.g. Facebook pages), the local marketing team has autonomy to post. For global social accounts, publishing of organic posts is handled by the global plant-based acceleration team and not allowed by the local teams, unless they have received specific approval from the global team for a certain post.
  4. For the Facebook handover protocol Clarabridge Engage should remain the primary receiver. Any other tool connected should by default be the secondary receiver. Exceptions are possible after agreement with the global plant-based acceleration team only.
  5. When tracking Instagram hashtags using an external application, the used hashtags should be approved first by the global plant-based acceleration team. Reason being IG sets a hard limit of 30 hashtags that can be tracked in the last 7 days per Business account (e.g. @alpro). Existing systems will fail if the limit of 30 hashtags would be exceeded, so it is important we don’t track more than 30 hashtags simultaneously so all systems connected to IG using this feature keep working as expected.

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