SEA: 4. Launch

There are two possible ways to implement the SEA strategy for Google Search. You can do it directly via Google AdWords within the SEA account or use Google Ads Editor. We recommend implementing the strategy via Google Ads Editor. 

To have Google Ads Editor installed on your computer, you should make a Clio ticket at the IT desk.

How to implement the SEA strategy:

  1. Please check the SEA file sent by the local DBM before doing the implementation in the tool to make sure the instructions are respected.
  2. Open Google Ads Editor.
  3. Go to the account tab and open the correct SEA account.

  4. Make sure to always download the latest data before starting to make changes:

  5. Select all campaigns and press ok.

  6. Go to your SEA file in excel. Normally you will have different sheets: ads sheets on exact, ads sheets on broad modifier match, exact keywords, broad keywords and negative keywords. With exact match your ad will be shown only if your search query exactly matches your keyword. With broad match, your ad will be shown when people type in variations of your keyword and your keyword itself. The difference between broad and exact will be explained more in detail in the optimize section. You can upload them all together or do it step by step. We would recommend doing it step by step, so sheet by sheet.

  7. Copy your first sheet in excel and go again to Google Ads Editor.

  8. Select the Accounts tab and click on paste text.

  9. Click on paste from clipboard. Check if all columns are named correctly and click on the blue process button.

  10. Click on the right corner on the button check changes to be sure there are no errors in the implementation.

  11. Please repeat the process above for all sheets in the excel file (EXA ads, BMM ads, Exact Keywords, Broad Keywords, Negative exact keywords). Make sure that each ad is having extensions. You can upload them in the same way as the ads and the keywords.
  12. Before posting the ads and keywords, you should make some necessary changes.

First changes at campaign level:

  1. Fill in the budget at campaign level for each new campaign and set the budget at €1,00. You will be able to change the budget afterwards in Google ads or Google Ads Editor when the SEA implementation is finished.
  2. Make sure to pause all campaigns.
  3. Search network should be enabled, Display Network and Search Partners disabled.
  4. When setting up the account, select Maximize Clicks bidding strategy. After a couple of months of activity, if the accounts is recording enough conversions, you can switch to Maximize Conversions bidding strategy. 

  5. Set location to the correct country and select the correct local language.
  6. Select People in your targeted location as a targeting method.
  7. Assign a conquer or defend label based on the first word of the campaign name (e.g. DIETS_VEGAN ? 4 - DIETS):

Conquer: 1 – MOTIVATIONS, 2 – RECIPES, 3 – DIETS, 4 – NEEDS

Defend: 5 – PLANT-BASED, 6 – PRODUCTS, 7 – BRAND

Next you should click on check changes. When all changes are correct, you should press on post.

Please do a cross check in the google ads account to make sure that the strategy is fully implemented. Go through every single tab and check that the amount of campaigns, ad groups, keywords, negative keywords, ads, extensions match the initial file.

The last step is to activate all campaign and allocate the right amount of budget to each campaign.

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