SEA: 3. Plan

When a market is planning to go live with the new SEA strategy, there are two important elements in the plan. First you will need to align on the monthly budget with your local Digital Brand Manager, they are the owner of the budget. Once the budget is decided, they will need to fill in the SEA budget per month in the scorecard. 

Depending on the available budget, you will be able to activate the full SEA strategy or only a part of it. If budget allows, you can activate the full SEA strategy with all relevant campaigns and ad groups. If the budget is limited, align with your local DBM on which ad groups should be prioritized. Make sure to only focus on relevant ad groups, for example only implementing ad groups on products which are available in their country. In general, we are striving to spent 60% of the budget on defend campaigns and 40% of the budget on conquer campaigns.

Secondly, you will need to send over the SEA master copy for translations to the local Digital Brand Manager. Please make sure to send the latest version. You should also include some instructions when sending over the master copy.

The following translation instructions are crucial when implementing the SEA file:

  1. For the keywords, if there are “+” in front of every word in the master version, make sure to keep the “+” in front of each word in your translations. 
  2. Spaces between keywords cannot be removed. For example: “+vegan +drinks and not “+vegan+drink”.
  3. For the ads, please consider that each headline can only be maximum 30   characters and each description line only max 90 characters. You cannot exceed those numbers.
  4. Keep the capital letters in the ads when doing the translations.
  5. Please do not put a ‘!’ or a ‘?’ in your last headline or last description of each row in the excel file.
  6. Do not translate campaign names, ad group names and column names.
  7. Each ad and each keyword should have a website URL. 

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