SEA: 1. Setup

Before you start drafting your campaign on Google AdWords, you need to ensure that each market has a proper account set up. This is especially important for all new markets that are being onboarded.

Here are the key things that you need to launch your campaign successfully: 

  • A sub-MCC account for each market

  • Correct Billings setup

  • Link the Alpro Global YT account to the YT account within the Sub-MCC account

  • Have conversions activated


All sub-MCC accounts need to be integrated within the Alpro Digital MCC (558-685-8179) structure. The Alpro Digital MCC account is an overarching structure that makes it possible to manage all our markets in 1 account. The Sub-MCC account will allow you to manage the SEA/YT campaigns for your market.

If you are missing a sub-MCC account for one of the markets, you can easily create a new one by following a few simple steps:

  1. Go to https://ads.google.com/home/tools/manager-accounts/
  2. Select create a Manager account
  3. Fill in the correct data
    1. Name of the market
    2. Primary use of the account: Managing others’ accounts
    3. Time zone: select the Time Zone of your market
    4. Currency: always select Euro
  4. You have successfully created an MCC account, now the following steps will be needed to integrate it within the overarching Alpro Digital MCC account:
  5. Go to the Alpro Digital MCC account
  6. Click on the Blue ‘+’ button  on Account level and select ‘Link existing account’
  7. Enter the ID of the MCC account that you created: (XXX-XXX-XXX)
  8. You should receive several E-mails from Google asking to confirm whether you want to accept the invitation of the Alpro MCC account to link the Market MCC account, accept this request
  9. The Sub-MCC should be linked now. 
  10. Next, reach out to Google support to create a billing setup for your market specifically, make sure it’s clear to which Payment Profile your billing setup should be linked. Upon creation, link the sub-MCC & YT/SEA account to the correct billing setup.
  11. For YouTube accounts, make sure to reaching out to our main Google representative to get the account whitelisted for Lift measurement.


  1. Click on the sub-MCC account for which you want to create a SEA/YT account
  2. Click on the Blue ‘+’ button  on Account level and select ‘Create new account’
  3. To create the account, fill in the following information:
    1. The correct naming ’MARKET – SEA’ or ‘MARKET – YT’
    2. Use the correct location/Time-Zone/Currency
    3. Click on ‘Save and Continue’
  4. Select the correct Billing Setup which was created during the creation of the Sub-MCC account and click on ‘Save and Continue’
  5. On billing setup there is the possibility to insert a budget name and PO number, discuss with your market on what needs to be filled in 
  6. Click on ‘Save and Finish’


The guide below will describe how to set up conversion tracking and specifically which settings to update so conversions are tracked across accounts within one country.

Cross-account conversion tracking allows one to use a single conversion code snippet for multiple accounts. This reduces the amount of tracking code snippets to be installed on the website (important for page load times) and enables cross-account attribution reports. Meaning a conversion can be attributed to both a paid search campaign and a YouTube campaign which helps us to understand better the impact of the entire Google media mix used. 

Within Alpro the best practices are:

  • Import global conversion from Google Analytics

  • Enable cross-account conversions within the country manager account

  • Enable data-driven attribution modelling

Clear instructions on how to do so, will be explained on the following pages.

Interesting links:


Step 1 - Import conversions from Google Analytics

  1. Go to google ads and log into the Alpro Digital MCC account.

  2. Select the Manager account at country-level you wish to make changes for. In this example we select BELGIUM (709-835-4813).

  3. Click Tools & Settings > Measurement > Conversions

  4. Click on the plus icon to add new conversions

  5. Click on Import, select Google Analytics and click Continue

  6. Select the six goals from the All Web Site Data Consumer view with the following names: Visiting a product, visiting a recipe, visiting about Alpro, Visiting Good for You, Visiting Product Homepage and Visiting Recipe Homepage
  7. Click Done
  8. After 30 days open the attribution report to check if enough conversion data was collected to enable data-driven attribution. 
    1. Click Tools & Settings > Measurement > Attribution
    2. If you see the following pop-up, click update model. 
    3. Click Continue
    4. Click Change Conversion Model
  9. Click Done

Step 2 - Enable cross-account conversion tracking

  1. Go to ads.google.com and log into the Alpro Digital MCC account.

  2. Select the Manager account at country-level you wish to make changes for. In this example we select BELGIUM (709-835-4813).
  3. Go to Settings > Sub-account settings in the left-hand side column
  4. For each account in the Manager account select This Manager in the Google Ads conversion account column.


#1 Error - Use the same manager for your conversion and remarketing accounts

If in step 4 of enabling cross-account conversion tracking you see the following error, try the alternative method below.

  1. Tick the checkbox next to the account(s) you wish to update and click on the Edit button.
  2. Click on Change conversion and audience accounts
  3. In the Account field select Conversion and in the Change to field select the Country Manager account. Click Apply.

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