Twitter: 5. Optimize

Optimizing your campaign means setting it up for success, and maximizing the chances it has of winning auctions, serving impressions, and receiving high engagement.  

On Twitter, it’s paramount that you take optimizations into account before the campaign starts. Challenge your local market to come up with several different copy’s for each asset that is delivered. 
There are two reasons for this: 

  • During campaigns (e.g. 4 Weeks), it’s best to refresh your tweets after 2 weeks to make sure to stay competitive in the auction. Refreshing tweets can simply be replacing the old tweet by a new tweet which has the same asset but a different copy.

  • Having multiple tweets (same asset) but in different ad format (pre-roll video & in-feed or promoted image & poll)  and/or different copy is a best-practice for optimizing your campaign on Twitter.

To make monitoring the campaigns easier, you can customize the columns in the ads manager and tailor it to your market & activation. This is especially helpful if you want to combine Reach & Frequency metrics & your campaign objective metrics (Engagement Rate &  CPE for Engagement campaign / View rate & CPV for video campaign) into 1 view. 

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