FBIG: 5. Optimize

At Alpro, we are following certain guidelines when setting up our campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, our campaigns are already well-refined before even our ads start serving. The Facebook algorithm rotates the ads in the campaign on its own and throughout time decides, which ad to serve and to whom and at what time. However, we can also monitor our campaigns and do extra tricks and tweaks to improve their performance.

You can also switch off certain ads (temporarily or permanently) if you wish to re-allocate your budget to other better performing or underperforming assets.

If you conduct the R&F buying, you are quite limited in what you can adjust. That is why it is recommended to follow a dedicated media plan when running such a type of campaign. You can add/pause or replace the existing ads in your R&F campaign but you cannot pause the campaign itself.
You can prolong the R&F campaign but never shorten it. 

If you are in an emergency situation where you need to stop the R&F campaign, you have to delete it. All collected data will be saved in the backend of the Ads Manager and can be accessed via adding a filter “deleted”. Make sure you filter on the campaign, ad set and ad levels.

If you conduct the auction-based buying, you can adjust nearly all parameters on your ad set throughout the entire campaign (if needed). For example, that can be: time schedule, audience, locations and so on.

In order to spot any discrepancies or faulty deliveries make sure to check all your running campaigns regularly and adjust them if required. To make the monitoring easier, you can customize the columns in the ads manager and tailor it  to each market and campaign. You can add relevant metrics to your dashboard, so it is more efficient and faster to have access to your campaigns performance. For example, you can monitor impressions, reach, 3-second views, cost per result, CPM, clicks and so on (see the image below).

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