Pinterest: 5. Optimize

At Alpro, we are following certain guidelines when setting up our campaigns on Pinterest. Therefore, our campaigns are already well-refined before even our ads start serving. The Pinterest algorithm rotates the ads in the campaign on its own and based on results, which ad to serve and to whom and at what time. However, we can also monitor our campaigns and do extra tricks and tweaks to improve their performance. 

Pause underperforming ads: you can switch off assets that are showing low performances on KPIs during the campaign. This will indicate to the tool to reallocate spend on best performing assets and will help increase overall campaign results. Note that if needed, it’s also possible to pause ad groups and campaigns. 

Make sure that the campaign is pacing well: the initial set up is key for the good pacing of the campaign (eg. large enough audience). If your campaign is pacing well, you can consider lowering your bid (for example by 10%). If your pacing is slow, you should either increase your bid to be more competitive at auction or review your targeting and increase the size of your target audience. 

Improve performance by reviewing targeting performance: if the pacing is good enough, then you can refine your targeting by focusing on the interests and keywords which are giving the best KPI results and removing underperforming keywords or interests. 

Add/remove frequency capping: after one or two weeks of the activation, if frequency cap is in place, you can check if it’s not impacting delivery.  You can also add a capping mid campaign but we do not recommend it to avoid delivery issues.

After a minimum of a week of activity, you can also consult the Pinterest account manager to get specific optimization recommendations about the campaign you are running. 

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