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When creating a campaign on Pinterest Ads Manager, make sure that you are using the approved Naming Convention that will help you later with campaign analytics and Digital Scorecard updates.

Before creating the campaign, you should first create the Pins in the relevant protected board. Make sure that the format used is matching the right objective. For example, with standard pins, autoplay video or carousel you can use awareness, traffic, video views or conversions as an objective. The autoplay video max width can only be used when selecting awareness as an objective. 

How to create pins:

  1. Go to the Alpro account on Pinterest, on the “Saved” tab: https://www.pinterest.com/alpro/_saved/ 

  2. Select your country specific protected board.

  3. Click on the + at the bottom of the page to create a new pin.

  1. Upload the asset (video or image) and add a title and description (which is important to increase the relevancy of your pin) as well as a destination link. Please consider a character limit up to 100 for the title and up to 500 for the description. Check that it’s being added to the right board and then you can push on the red publish button. Repeat this step for all campaign’s assets. 

How to create a campaign on Pinterest Ads Manager:

  1. Go to Pinterest Ads Manager and select the correct country account. 

  2. Open the “Ads” tab and click on “Reporting”.

  3. Then click on the red “Create campaign” button

  1. Enter your campaign name (please do this by making use of the naming convention file) and select your objective. At this step you also indicate the budget. Please always use the “lifetime” campaign budget type (exception: if it’s an always-on campaign) and the ad schedule. Next, select the right order line linked to your ad account.

  1. Now you are redirected to the ad group details, where you can implement further settings. Insert the ad group name following the naming convention. On the right side of the draft you will be able to see forecasts for metrics such as potential audience size, estimated results based on budget, bid and date selections. This will be based on the targeting you are selecting. 

  1. In the Targeting details section, you first need to select the targeting strategy. We usually selection “choose your own” unless it is a retargeting campaign, then we’ll pick “Reconnect with users”. Then you will need to insert all relevant targeting signals (audience list, keywords & interests, demographics, ad placement). Here you can find the different targeting possibilities.

Audience  list: this option can be used to create a retargeting audience based on pins which were used in previous campaigns.

Interests: to target Alex or one of our 5 tribes, you should use interests targeting to create the preferred audience. Find below the interests which we are using to create our audiences: 




Food and Drinks > Meal Planning > Breakfast and Brunch

Food and Drinks > Meal Planning > Breakfast and Brunch

Food and Drinks > Drinks > Non Alcoholic Drinks > Coffee

Food and Drinks > Vegetables

Food and Drinks > Special Diets > Healthy Recipes

Food and Drinks > Meal Planning > Breakfast and Brunch

Health > Diet and Nutrition > Diet > Health Food

Food and Drinks > Vegetables

Health > Diet and Nutrition > Diet > Healthy Food

Health > Lifestyle

Food and Drinks > Cereals

Home deco > Coffeebar 

Sport > Fitness and Exercise

Food and Drinks > Non Alcoholic Drinks

Food and Drinks > Desserts

Sport > Running

Food and Drinks > Fruits


Food and Drinks > Salad

Health > Diet and Nutrition > Diet > Healthy Food

Health > Diet and Nutrition > Diet > Lactose Free Diet

Sport > Fitness and Exercise




Food and Drinks



Travel > Travel Ideas > Foodie Travel

DIY > Kids Craft

Food and Drinks > Healthy Recipes

Travel > Restaurant

Food and Drinks > Kids Friendly Recipes

Food and Drinks > Special Diet

Health > Snacking

Health > Diet and Nutrition > Diet > Healthy Food

Healthy > Diet and Nutrition

Entertainment > Book > Food and Drinks Book

Women's Fashion > Sporty Fashion

Women's Fashion > Women's activewear

Men's Fashion > Men's Activewear

Keywords: using interest in combination with keywords is highly recommended by Pinterest to maximise reach. To obtain better results, we should aim for a minimum of 25 keywords. Keywords are provided by the local Digital Brand Manager. Also ask the Pinterest account manager for the best performing keywords on a certain topic and find more keywords by using the keywords generator tool.

Demographics: in this section you can select genders, ages, locations, languages and devices. We recommend targeting all genders and to use 18-54 years as an age range. Select your local country as location and if relevant, select the local language.

Ad placement:  Pinterest recommends selecting all placement, but you are also able to select only “Browse” (=  ads will appear as people browse their home feeds and related pins) or only “Search” (= ads will appear in search results and related pins). 

  1. In the Budget and Schedule section, you should indicate the dates of your ad group and the given budget you want to allocate to this ad group. Please select again a lifetime budget: the tool will optimize the budget based on demand, meaning that spend could vary each day. 

  1. In the Optimization & delivery section, you will select the bidding type. There you can choose between automatic and custom bidding types. Automatic bidding is only available for “Consideration” campaigns and is recommended by Pinterest as the algorithm will optimise to get the most clicks at the lowest CPC. With custom bidding, you will be able to control the maximum bid we want to use in the auction. When selecting your maximum CPM/CPV/CPC, the tool will give you an indication on how competitive your bid is (strong, good or weak). 

  1. Finally, in the Ads section, you can add the campaign’s creatives by selecting the Pins that you previously created. You should use the creative’s name (as named on Bynder) for the ad name. You can add a destination URL to the pin too. As for the number of pins, Pinterest is recommending 3-5, to make sure to push the best content. The final step is to push on the launch button. 

If you would need to create the same type of campaign again, campaigns can be easily duplicated. Click on the button at the right side of the red “Create campaign” button.

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