Pinterest: 3. Plan

When you include Pinterest into your campaign media mix, it is important to define certain KPIs and objectives.

You will first need to select your campaign objective. It will determine how you bid in the ad auction and what ad formats are available to promote. It is key to pick the campaign objective that best reflects the campaign’s goal. To build brand awareness, we can pick between “Brand Awareness” (in case we have both static and video content, the algorithm will optimize towards impressions volume and CPM) or “Video Views” (in case we only promote videos, the algorithm will optimize towards view rate and CPV). When our main campaign goal is to drive traffic to the Alpro website (in case we promote a new product or a recipe, the algorithm will optimize towards clicks and CPC), then we can opt for the “Consideration” objective. You can find here more information on the different objectives. 

In the planning process, make sure that the local team is informed well in advance about all technical specifications for the content creation. This is necessary in order to run the campaign in certain formats (e.g. instant experience, carousel). You can find all creative specifications and technical requirements for Pinterest ad formats here

Another important aspect of the campaign is frequency, or the average number of times each person saw your ad. We recommend having a frequency of 2-3 per week on Pinterest. Please note that frequency capping is only an option for awareness campaigns. We recommend using it only when the audience is too small to avoid showing the same ads too much. Frequency capping can be used in combination with automatic bidding and expanded targeting to help the algorithm to have enough data to work with which results in best results. 

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