Youtube: 3. Plan

When you include Youtube into your campaign media mix, it is important to define certain KPIs and objectives. The amount of investments will depend on these KPIs.

There is a tool that can give you an indication to determine the necessary level of investments – the Google Reach Planner. You can find it by clicking on ‘Tools & Settings’ and then it is located under the ‘Planning’ tab. This is a Reach & Frequency campaign simulator tool by Google, specifically made for YouTube.


This tool is helpful when calculating your budgets for the different phasing in your Media Plan for markets that haven’t activated a certain ad format before. By using this tool, you can forecast several important metrics such as reach, frequency, CPM & target impressions. You can find an example below used to forecast results for a Hero campaign in Italy :

However, these forecasts have proven to not be accurate on multiple occasions. In these occasions, the CPM was forecasted lower than the eventual outcome. Therefore, it’s suggested to upweight the CPM from the forecast before sharing the results with your market. 

It’s suggested for markets that have activated on Youtube before, to use benchmarks to forecast results.

On Youtube, it’s paramount that during the planning process, you know exactly which content will be delivered for your upcoming campaign. The duration of the video assets will heavily impact the phasing & ad formats available to leverage. You can find a list of most used ad formats below: 


Bumper ads are 6 seconds long and can play before, during or after a video. Viewers don’t have the option to skip the ad. Bumper ads use Target CPM bidding which means that we pay based on the impressions. Bumpers are used as either Teaser, Reinforced hero or Echo within our Youtube Media buying strategy.

Skippable in-stream ads (Trueview)

Trueview ads are skippable in-stream ads which provide the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds. It’s advised to use CPV bidding with skippable in-stream ads. Which means that you pay when a viewer watches 30 seconds of your video (or for the full duration if your video is shorter than 30 seconds).
This ad format is mainly used in the Hero-phase within our Youtube Media buying strategy. In addition, this format allows us to create a Retargeting list which is necessary to run a Reinforced hero/Echo phase.

Non-skippable in-stream ads

Non-skippable in-stream ads are video ads which can be up to 15 seconds long and are non-skippable. This video format uses Target CPM bidding which means that we pay based on impressions. Since it’s a longer format than bumpers, the CPM will be significantly higher. 
This ad format is mainly used as a back-up for markets that are unable to provide a 20-30second format. 

You can find more information on Video ad formats here

Lastly, independent of the ad format you’re choosing, it’s important to have the video asset in both the horizontal (16x9) and the vertical format (4x5). The horizontal format is used for TV screens and computers, the vertical format is used for mobile devices.

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