What to do when you think a topic is not correct anymore.

While using Blue Kangaroo for your community management, it’s possible that you bump into a topic that seems to be no longer entirely factual. For example, there might be new insights or information available. To avoid your colleagues using outdated or incorrect information, it’s important to leave a sign for the affected users.

If you scroll down on a topic, you’ll find a field where you can insert feedback. Clarify whatever information you think is incorrect or outdated, allowing the responsible users to check your feedback and make adjustments if necessary. When you think the topic is incorrect to such an extent that it is no longer reliable, you can tick the box “the topic is no longer reliable” when entering your feedback. That way, all other users will receive a notification when opening the topic, saying that it has been flagged as unreliable. This notification only disappears when the feedback is resolved by the appropriate users.

Remark: It’s important to always add feedback when ticking the unreliability box. This allows the person responsible for resolving the problem, to act quickly and in a targeted manner

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