How to search for the answer to a question?

When receiving a question on one of the social media channels of your organization, you can look up the right answer in Blue Kangaroo. To start your search, click on the magnifying glass in the top right menu. A search bar will open, where you can search with the help of relevant keywords for your particular question. When pressing enter, you’ll receive a list of all the relevant topics that match your search entry. Hot topics will be shown on top of the list, all other topics will be listed underneath. When you find the topic you are looking for, simply click on it and all relevant information will show.

If you can’t find the topic you were looking for, you can always use the detailed search. This can be found under “topics” in the left menu.

  • You can search based on tags, topic numbers, words used in the question or the answer, documents or other attachments.
  • An extra filter can be used for searching categories, topic status or language.

Just like with the ‘basic search’, you’ll find the hot topics on top of the list. All other topics are listed underneath. When you’ve found the topic you were looking for, simply click on it and all the relevant information will be shown.

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