How to maintain your product feed for success

1. What is a product feed?


2. Steps required in Shopify to sync products with Google Merchant Center


2.1. Activating the Google Channel app by Shopify


2.2. Manually updating Google Content API fields

This step is required for each new product created in Shopify as some fields are not automatically filled in by Shopify. More specifically the fields Unit Pricing Measure and Unit Pricing Base Measure should be completed. If not done, this will result in dissaproved products and the inability to promote those products on Google.

2.2.1. Google Content API fields overview

The following fields should be updated manually for each product. See the instructions in the next section for more info.

Content API FieldGoogle DescriptionAlpro DefinitionExample
Unit Pricing MeasureThe attribute to define the measure and dimension of your product. This value allows users to understand the exact cost per unit for your product.
This value equals the minimum order quantity. Take into account how 1 unit is defined when calculating. See the example.The Alpro Chocolate Dessert 4x125gr pack has a minimum order quantity of 2 packs (8 pots in total). The value should thus be 2 ct and not 8 (pots).
Unit Pricing Base MeasureThe attribute lets you include the denominator for your unit price. For example, you might be selling 150ml of perfume, but users are interested in seeing the price per 100ml.
This value should always be set to 1.1 ct

Official Google Documentation: https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/7052112?hl=en&ref_topic=6324338

2.2.2. Step-by-step guide

Below is a step-by-step guide to manually update certain Google Content API fields in the Google Channel app by Shopify.

  1. Log into the Shopify back-end at https://alpro-ecom.myshopify.com/

  2. Open the Google app

  3. In the Product feed either click on the link next to Pending or Not Approved (depending if the new products have already been synced with Google and disssaproved).

  4. Click on Edit Google Field next to the product you want to update

  5. Update the fields and confirm by clicking Save.

    Note: in this case we updated the fields Unit Pricing Measure and Unit Pricing Base Measure for the Alpro Almond Drink which has a minimum order quantity of 6 1L packs. The price is defined per 1L pack. This results in a Unit Pricing Measure of 6 ct and a Unit Pricing Base Measure of 1 ct where ct stands for unit.

  6. All done! It may now take up to 24-48 hours for Google to process these changes. If all goes well, your product should then be displayed as approved in both the Shopify app as in Google Merchant Center.

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