Inbox Folder Structure

The inbox is organized in different folders. Within Clarabridge Engage a folder acts as a predefined filter view on your inbox. This means a mention can be shown in more than one folder and second, in which folder you are has no impact when taking actions on a mention as these are linked to the mention itself.


Within plantbased, each mention will be visible in at least one default folder and one custom folder. It is advised to work within the custom folders as these contain prioritization rules. Yet, in case of issues with the custom folders, you can always fall back to the default folders and be certain not to miss any mention.


In the following sections we will explain which mentions are shown in each folder.

Folder NameFolder definition
Default Folders
InboxAll new mentions, excluding direct messages
Private MessagesAll new direct messages
ArchiveAll mentions with the status set to resolved
Note: due to how are account is setup, this contains all resolved mentions in all languages from our global social accounts. It is advised to use the saved search filters to only show resolved mentions related to your inbox. More info in the article ""
Smart Folders
Direct Messages (DM)All new direct messages
CommentsAll comments on both organic as paid (dark) posts
@brandName (e.g. @Alpro)All posts or comments mentionning our social handle (e.g. @alpro) in the actual text copy
Brand MentionsAll posts or comments containing the hashtag with our brand name (e.g. #alpro) or where our social handle (e.g. @alpro) was tagged outside the text copy (e.g. tagged in images, IG stories, ...)
OtherAny mention that was not captured by above smart folders.

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