Introduction to the Inbox

The Inbox is the place where you will view and interact with incoming consumer messages, called mentions by Clarabridge Engage. The interface is very similar to a mailbox and can be broken down to the following:

  • On the left, we have the sidebar showing the currently selected inbox followed by the folders which each show only certain mentions based on pre-defined filters. There are both default folders defined by Clarabridge as custom folders, called smart folders, with the aim to save you time and help prioritize mentions.
  • In the bottom left corner, you have th chat support button to get in touch with expert help from Clarabridge in case you are experiencing technical issues.
  • Next, in the middle there is the mention list showing all mentions within the selected folder. On top you also have a search bar, date range filter and several sorting options. By default it is set to mentions in the last 28 days (including today), sorted from most recent to oldest.
  • On the right you can see the full conversation of the selected mention. Below there is the reply bar containing all the available actions to interact with the selected mention, not only towards the consumer (e.g. replying, liking, ..), but also within the platform (e.g. adding internal notes)

For more info, please read the following support articles at Clarabridge Engage. Note, you do need to be logged into Clarabridge to view these support articles.

  1. Getting started with Clarabridge Engage
  2. Sorting the mention list
  3. Filtering the mention list
  4. Setting the date range
  5. Actions you can take on an individual mention
  6. Terminology used in Clarabridge Engage

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