Getting started with our naming convention

1. What is a naming convention?

A naming convention is nothing more than an agreed set of rules on how to name things. It is crucial that everyone applies this convention to allow granular and automated reporting on marketing activations (digital, tv, sampling & tasting, ...).


For example, if applied correctly, it is possible to report which media activations were executed for a given product (category) and how they performed. Another example is understanding which assets of a toolkit were activated and which performed better so future toolkits can be more effective and fit-for-purpose.


Example of the naming convention for assets uploaded on Bynder and what information it contains.
Example of the naming convention for assets uploaded on Bynder and what information it contains.

2. Introducing our naming convention template

To help you to quickly and correctly apply our naming convention, we built a template using Google Sheets. It is important to use this template within Google Sheets as several essential features are not supported in other spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel. Using this template you'll be able to build correct names in a matter of minutes.

Below you will find more information on where to find our template and how to use it when either uploading creative assets on Bynder or planning and buying media campaigns.

2.1. Getting access to our template

Our template is available as a read-only file. You will need to create a personal copy (within Google Sheets) to be able to edit and use it. See below instructions.

  1. Register a Google Account with your company email at https://accounts.google.com/SignUpWithoutGmail.. In case you already have one, you can obviously skip this step.

  2. Open the latest template (v2.0):

  3. Click on File > Make a copy…
  4. Optionally, we advise to add your initials to the filename so you can more easily distinguish it from the read-only template.

  5. That’s it. Now you’re ready to use your personal copy to create some validated names for Bynder or any supported online advertising channel.

If at any time your file would get corrupt or stop working, you can safely delete it and create a new copy of the original template in less than a minute.

2.2 How to use the naming convention template

As stated above, our template is built with Google Sheets and should only be used within this platform. It will not work properly in alternative spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel. One of the essential features that would break is our ability to update over-the-air the lists of standardized values you can select in the drop-down lists when building names. As these represent the majority of changes in our template, it greatly reduces the frequency we have to send updated templates to all stakeholders and limits (unintentional) mistakes we have to fix afterwards.

The template consists of multiple sheets, with one per platform. Within each sheet you'll be able to build a correct name within a row. In the first column (column A) the validated name will be generated once all required parameters (columns B, C, D, etc.) have been correctly filled in.

Certain rules should be taken into account when completing the parameters.

  • Under each parameter name it is stated how and if you need to fill in the parameter.
    • List means a value should be selected from the dropdown menu.
    • Open value means you can enter any text except for the prohibited characters (see below).
    • Mandatory means the parameter should be filled in. In case of a list parameter with no relevant value to select, please select 'NA' or 'Not Applicable'.
    • Optional means it is not required to fill in this parameter and it can be left empty.

For each platform detailed information is available, explaining for each parameter what they mean and how they should be filled in. See section 2.3 below for more information.

Prohibited characters

In general, some characters are not allowed to be used when entering text in the input fields

  • Underscores (-)
    Underscores act as the seperator in our convention allowing software to deconstruct the naming convention in seperate values.
  • Spaces
    Spaces are not allowed as they can generate conflicts with software in certain cases. Instead we advice one of the following:
    • Use a dash (-) instead
    • Start each word with a capital letter and then join them into one word. For example "We are one" would become "WeAreOne".
    • If possible, use abbreviations that are understood within the business

2.3 Platforms supported in our naming convention

Below platforms are supported in our naming convention. For each platform documentation on the used naming convention is available in the following articles:

2.4 Version History

  • v0.9 - April 2019
  • v2.0 - May 2021
    • Integrated the naming for UTM tags
    • New platforms added (Teads, Yahoo Search, Yandex Search, Yandex Display)

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