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This SEO report is based on a template developed by SEMrush and covers two main SEO-aspects: (Page 1) Traffic Overview and (Page 2) Search Results Performance & Backlinks. 

More info from SEMrush and a link to the template can be found here: Google Data Studio Template: A Complete SEO Report by Semrush 

The report is fully automated, meaning that no manual data should be uploaded to generate this report. To set the report up, the correct market-specific data sources (and domains) should be chosen, as explained below. The report features quarterly data and will be sent out on a quarterly basis. It will be sent out for the EU7, i.e. the EU4, France, Italy and Spain.

The account 'digital@alpro.com' has ownership, meaning that these reports will be send out from this email address.  If markets wish to obtain extra insights, they can simply reach out. 

Note: Against expectations, this report cannot be made market-specific (as only root-domains can currently be used). This is a feature SEMrush is working on. For an update, please reach out to our SEMrush contact Anastasia Timonina (a.timonina@semrush.com).

Currently, the market-specific reports have already been created, but their set-up will need to be changed once SEMrush allows for reports on subdomain level. At this stage, all reports contain UK-specified domains (changing this, changes the domains for ALL the reports!).

Report pages

Page 1: Traffic Overview

The first page of the report features traffic analytics data, as can be seen in the screenshot below (e.g. UK).

The grey text-areas contain general information that further help to explain the data on the report. These areas can be adjusted.

The second page of the report features data on search results performance and backlinks, as can be seen in the screenshot below (e.g. UK). 

Again, the grey text-areas can be adjusted. 

Report set-up

To set up the report, follow these steps: 

STEP 1 - Make a copy of an existing report

STEP 2 - Link the correct country-specific data sources

A. Google Analytics

Select the right market and copy the report.

B. Search Console

No changes needed here.

C. SEMrush

1. Click 'Manage added data sources'

2. Open the four data sources framed in the screenshot below by clicking on the icon right

3. For each SEMrush-data source, change the Domain URL/Project/Database/... for the country you're setting up the report for

After opening a data source, click 'edit connection' to make modifications.

3.1 SEMrush Site Audit

3.2 Backlinks History

3.3 Backlinks: Overview

3.4 Domain History

Once all the data sources have been changed to the relevant country, the report is ready to be sent out!


  • UK
    Ashley Garland (ashley.garland@alpro.com)
    Harandeep Heir (harandeep.heir@alpro.com)
    CC: Sergi Calvo Soler (sergi.calvosoler@alpro.com)
    Victorine Clement (victorine.clement@alpro.com)
    Barbara Devos (barbara.devos@alpro.com)
  • Germany
    Susen Brenig (Susen.BRENIG@external.alpro.com)

            CC: Victorine Clement (victorine.clement@alpro.com)

  • Belgium
    Kirsten Willems (kirsten.willems@alpro.com)
    CC: Victorine Clement (victorine.clement@alpro.com)

  • The Netherlands
    Lieke Hoonhorst (Lieke.Hoonhorst@alpro.com)

Anique Van Eeuwijk (Anique.VanEeuwijk@alpro.com)

Stephan Snoeckx (stephan.snoeckx@alpro.com)

CC: Victorine Clement (victorine.clement@alpro.com)

  • Italy
    Antonella Clemente (antonella.clemente@danone.com)
    Thomas Clavreul (thomas.clavreul@danone.com)

CC: Lukas.Gesquiere@alpro.com

  • Spain
    Sara Molina (sara.molina@danone.com)

CC: Lukas.Gesquiere@alpro.com

  • France
    Lisa Guyo (lisa.guyo@danone.com)
    Maylis Baltaze (maylis.baltaze@danone.com) 

Berengere Cahu (berengere.cahu@danone.com)

CC: Lukas.Gesquiere@alpro.com

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