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In Google Data Studio, an audience report has been created for each Alpro market. The account 'digital@alpro.com' has ownership, meaning that these reports will be send out from this email address. 

As of recently, these reports are automated and updates will be send out on a quarterly basis, on the 2nd day of each new quarter. 

If markets wish to obtain extra insights, they can simply reach out. 

Report pages

1. Behaviour and acquisition

Page 1: This part of the report shows information on the market website visitors' behaviour and acquisiton channels. For some metrics, a comparison is made to the previous quarter. 

The date range on the top right of this page is updated automatically and always shows the last quarter.

E.g. On the 2nd of April, this website performance update was send out for Q1 of that year: January - March. 

2. Demographics and interests

Page 2: This part of the report shows information on the market website visitors' demographics and. For some metrics, a comparison is made to the previous quarter. 

Creating a website report for a new market

In case of a recent website launch for a new market, you can easily create an identical audience report for this specific market. The way of working is explained in 4 steps below. 

1. Copy an existing report from another market

Open an existing audience report in Google Data Studio (e.g. that from the UK) and copy this report (by clicking the 3 bullets next to the edit button). 

2. Select a new data source

Select the new market's Google Analytics folder.

For example, if you'd like to create a report for a new market (e.g. New Zealand), select this data source in GA. 

Click 'Create new data source'

Select Google Analytics from the options. 

Select the right folder (New Zealand (NZ) in this case). Click 'connect' and next 'add to the report'. 

You will now see the new data source. 

3. Create the new report

By clicking 'copy the report', you'll create a copy of the UK's audience report, but using New Zealands' data. 

4. Change the names

Change both: 

  • The file name (top left)
  • The title of the report (top middle on both the 1st and 2nd page)

Schedule email delivery

Scheduling an email report only has to happen once: if the configuration is set up correctly, an update of the report will be sent out automatically at the beginning of each month. 

How to schedule the automated emails: 

1. Create the scheduled email

Under 'Share', click 'schedule email delivery' at the top right of the page.

2. Edit the scheduled email

Click 'edit schedule' and add following information:

  • To: Receivers of the report (see contact list below + always put Ralph in cc)
  • SubjectYour Quarterly Audience Report
  • Message

Hello there! 

In this e-mail, you can find a report that features information on your countries' website audience for last quarter. To see the report, you can either open the PDF in attachment or click on the link next to 'View the interactive report'. The report consists of two pages and covers data on behavior, acquisition, demographics and interests of your countries' audience. An update of this report will be sent out quarterly. I hope this offers you some extra insight on your market's audience! 

Feel free to give me a sign in case you wish to receive additional information. 

Have a great day!

  • Pagesall pages
  • Start timeselect the first 2nd day of the beginning of next quarter
  • Repeat:

The scheduled delivery should look like this:

3. Save

Click 'save' and wait until you see the 'Schedule updated' notification:

Note: If you receive a 'Failed' pop-up at the bottom of the screen instead, here are some tips:

  • Reload the report in Data Studio and try again
  • Log out from your Google account, log in and try again
  • Try to download the report (under +Share at the bottom right) and try again
  • In case none of this works, reach out to Ralph and/or the agency 55


Idem as in the file Google Data Studio - Monthly website recap

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