Adding a new product to Alpro.com

To add a (new) product to the website, following info is needed:
(if info is not shared, the fallback content in English will be shown.)

(Shared for all countries) = Content/settings are shared for all countries and can not be changed for one market to be different than other markets. When adding a completely new product that is not yet available in any other market, this info is required to publish the product online.

Product Title

You can choose to translate the product title, or keep the English name.


The url of the product is always formed on the hand of the product title, except for languages with special characters.
If you would like to choose your slug yourself, you can send us your proposal.

Keep in mind that slugs can not contain capital letters, accents, special characters or spaces. Spaces are always replaced by '-'

    Product title: Alpro Soya Orignal will have

    Slug: alpro-soya-original

Product Description Title

The Product Description title is the text in the blue box 'Learn a little more about ...'
These texts were already translated and verified by the local markets when transitioning to the new Alpro 2.0 environment.
But always need to be double checked when a product has been put live.

SKU number

All the nutritional information, ingredients and benefits of a product are shown on the product detail page of each product. Information is coming straight out of PLM, trough the SKU code.

This also means that changes in values need to be made in PLM, and can not be adapted in the website CMS system.

New product YES/NO

YES will give your product a 'NEW' tag on the website, to draw your customers' attention.

Product Sizes & Variants

Please do always mention in what size the product is available.

For the drinks, there's a rule* to only display a product once on the website (preferably in the 1L pack) if it's available in more than one size. 

*We have this rule to keep the website clean and clear. This rule is only applicable for DRINKS, since the recipe of the different sizes is the same. For all the other product categories, we display the products separate in the different sizes.

    Soya Original is available in UK in 1L and 500ml, but is as one product on the website, with all the available sizes                 mentioned. - But PBAY Strawberry in 500g and 4x125g are two different products.

The packshot of the product will fallback be the English (UK) packshot. Since the packs are different in each country, it's important to share the bynderlink** to the packshot. It's important to always send the link to a packshot without white background.

** Bynderlink is needed because there are no manual uploads possible in the CMS system of the website.


The text is the text next to the product image (packshot)
These texts were already translated and verified by the local markets when transitioning to the new Alpro 2.0 environment.
But always need to be double checked when a product has been put live.
Idealy, this text is not just a copy of the product description texts, for SEO purposes.

Product Details

The marketing text should always be translated. If the translation is not shared, the fallback English text will be displayed.
This can not be left blank.

Product Filters (Shared for all countries) 

The more filters you share, the more your product will be found when filtering trought the products.

Following filters are available:

AlmondDairy FreeA source of vitamin B12250ml
CashewGluten Free
A good source of calcium750ml
CoconutLactose FreeA good source of fibre1L
HazelnutOrganicA good source of protein150g
OatVeganA good source of vitamin D350g
RiceVegetarianLow in fat400g
Low in salt500g
Low in sugars4x125g

Low in saturated fat2x70g

Sugars free

With no added sugars

Product Category (Shared for all countries)

A product can only be displayed in one category. 

This is the list of categories you can choose from:

Absolutely - Barista Drinks - CaffĂ© - Desserts - Drinks - Greek Style - Ice Cream - Kids - Margarines - Plant based alternative to cream - Plant based alternative to yoghurt 

If the product is sold online, please also share the name of the retailer and the link the to product on the retailers e-shop.

This info is needed to set up the 'buy now' button. If no shoplinks are shared, the 'buy now' button will not be visible on the product detail page.

Mixed Content Suggestion

Mixed content suggestion is almost always the same lik the product category, mostly based on the ingredient.
This is meant to inspire the customers to use the product in a recipe.

    See below the content suggestion for the Soya Original. Recipes made with almond original are displayed here.

Product Redirection

Based on the main ingredient, other (similar) products are shown at the bottom of the product detail page. 

In that way we let lovers of a specific ingredient also get to know other products made with that ingredient.

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