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In Google Data Studio, a general website performance report has been created for each Alpro market. The account 'digital@alpro.com' has ownership, meaning that these reports will be send out from this email address. 

As of recently, these reports are automated and updates will be send out on a monthly basis, on the 2nd day of each month. 

If markets wish to obtain extra insights, they can simply reach out. 

Extra: In case of an upcoming campaign: the markets should send out a detailed briefing beforehand, in order to provide relevant data. This way, a clear report can be built, customized to the market’s needs.
Info needed in this case:

- Dates (and period of comparison)

- Campaign link + other web links that need to be researched

- Specific metrics to include

Report pages

1. General overview (last month)

Page 1: This part of the report is based on the website's overall performance during the last month, making a comparison to the previous month. 

The date range on the top right of this page is updated automatically and always shows the last month. 

E.g. On the 2nd of May, this website performance update was send out for the month of April. 

Side info

  • Direct traffic involves much more than visitors simply typing the exact website URL into a browser. Firstly, when users visit the Alpro webpage through a browser bookmark, it's also regarded as direct traffic.
    Secondly, a very big part of direct traffic includes data of which Google Analytics can't find the real traffic source. In fact, if GA doesn't recognize the traffic source of a webpage visit, it will also be categorized as 'direct' in your report.

    Examples are:
    - Traffic from any offline documents like PDF, MS Word etc.
    - Traffic from private mobile social media apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Skype
    - With email marketing campaigns, it could also happen that this traffic is identified as direct. This is mainly because campaign tagging was not implemented.

2. General overview (last year)

Page 2: This part of the report is based on the website's overall performance during the last month, making a comparison to last year.

Creating a website report for a new market

In case of a recent website launch for a new market, you can easily create an identical website report for this specific market. The way of working is explained in 4 steps below. 

1. Copy an existing report from another market

Open an existing website performance report in Google Data Studio (e.g. that from the UK) and copy this report (by clicking the 3 bullets next to the edit button). 

2. Select a new data source

Select the new market's Google Analytics folder.

For example, if you'd like to create a report for a new market (e.g. New Zealand), select this data source in GA. 

Click 'Create new data source'

Select Google Analytics from the options. 

Select the right folder (New Zealand (NZ) in this case). Click 'connect' and next 'add to the report'. 

You will now see the new data source. 

3. Create the new report

By clicking 'copy the report', you'll create a copy of the UK's performance report, but using New Zealands' data. 

4. Change the names

Change both: 

  • The file name (top left)
  • The title of the report (top middle on both the 1st and 2nd page)

Schedule email delivery

Scheduling an email report only has to happen once: if the configuration is set up correctly, an update of the report will be sent out automatically at the beginning of each month. 

How to schedule the automated emails: 

1. Create the scheduled email

Under 'Share', click 'schedule email delivery' at the top right of the page.

2. Edit the scheduled email

Click 'edit schedule' and add following information:

  • To: Receivers of the report (see contact list below + always put Ralph in cc)
  • Subject: Your Monthly Website Performance Report
  • Message

Hi there! 

In this e-mail, you can find an update on the general overview of your countries’ website performance for last month. To see the report, you can either open the PDF in attachment or click on the link next to 'View the interactive report'. The report consists of two pages: comparing this month to the previous month and last year. 

I hope this offers you some extra insight on your market’s current performance! 

Feel free to give me a sign in case you wish to receive additional information or data on a running campaign. 

Have a great day!

  • Pages: all pages
  • Start time: select the first 2nd day of the month to come
  • Repeat:

The scheduled delivery should look like this:

3. Save

Click 'save' and wait until you see the 'Schedule updated' notification:

Note: If you receive a 'Failed' pop-up at the bottom of the screen instead, here are some tips:

  • Reload the report in Data Studio and try again
  • Log out from your Google account, log in and try again
  • Try to download the report (under +Share at the bottom right) and try again
  • In case none of this works, reach out to Ralph and/or the agency 55

Extra: additional pages to add

If a market should request additional insights, it could be interesting to add a page dedicated to homepage, recipe page, a campaign page etc. (This is based on the 'Original' report in Google Data Studio.) 

1. Homepage

To select the homepage as the only data source, a page filter was created. You can create a page filter by clicking right on the specific page and select 'current page settings'. You choose to 'add a filter'.

As the statistics are limited to one page, it is necessary to select the filter ‘equal to’

2. Recipe performance

Another option is to focus on recipe statistics. Once again, a page filter should be set up to select all pages recipe related. You create a page filter by clicking right on the specific page and select 'current page settings'. You choose to 'add a filter'.

Now, the report covers more than the general recipe page. Therefore, it is important to opt for ‘contains’ instead of ‘equal to’.

  • For each new report: this filter has to be modified, according to the specific market. Default: alpro.com/uk/
  • The graph is solely based on the general recipe page. This is an exception from the page filter.
  • To create a filter for one particular diagram: simply click on it, go to data and add a filter for the diagram in question. In this case, it is important to choose the filter ‘equal to’, as you only want to consult one page.

  • To detect the most popular recipes, two metrics were selected: pageviews and average time on page. Recipes with a large number of pageviews and over 40-50 seconds spent on the page can be considered popular recipes.

3. Campaign performance

  • The ‘Make yours oat’ campaign is used here as an example. Naturally, for each new request, this page has to be adapted to a market’s specific campaign. To do so, the page filter should be edited. As a campaign generally consists of one page, the filter ‘equal to’ should be selected.

  • On the campaign page, a geographic map could be added. Depending on the market’s needs, this map can be modified based on dimension (world, continent, country, city etc.) and zoom area.

Default → dimension: town/city ; zoom area: UK

Optional: Manually sending out the monthly report

Before automating the process of sending out these monthly reports, e-mails were send manually. The information below provides additional insights on the way of working. 

  1. Provide a short intro, explaining how the report works.
    Example: 'Just like last month, you can find a general overview of the UK's website performance here! This report consists of two pages: comparing this month to the previous month and last year.'

  2. For the biggest markets: provide the main takeaways, using a few bullet points.

These include:

  • EU4
  • France
  • Spain & Portugal
  • Italy


  • A couple of peaks in traffic, with highest peak on November 20th (19,485 pageviews)
  • Number of unique pageviews in November: 352,925
  • 1.2% decrease in traffic, compared to October
  • 25.2% growth in traffic, compared to November 2019

! Note: Make sure to customize each email to the country in question. Some market reports contain one page, other consist of multiple pages etc.


! Note: Ralph should be put in CC for every country + extra contact details can be found in the 'Plant-based directory (digital)' Excel file.

This list contains the contacts for the reports that are currently being sent out. Once a new website has been rolled out, the report can be shared and correct contacts should be added to this list. So, make sure to check this list regularly and provide updates when required. 

  • UK
    Ashley Garland (ashley.garland@alpro.com)
    Harandeep Heir (harandeep.heir@alpro.com)
    CC: Sergi Calvo Soler (sergi.calvosoler@alpro.com)
    Victorine Clement (victorine.clement@alpro.com)
    Barbara Devos (barbara.devos@alpro.com)

  • Spain
    Sara Molina (sara.molina@danone.com)

  • Portugal
    Sara Molina (sara.molina@danone.com)

  • France
    Lisa Guyo (lisa.guyo@danone.com)
    Maylis Baltaze (maylis.baltaze@danone.com) 

Berengere Cahu (berengere.cahu@danone.com)

  • Germany
    Susen Brenig (Susen.BRENIG@external.alpro.com)

            CC: Victorine Clement (victorine.clement@alpro.com)

  • Austria
    Thorben Rueckert (thorben.rueckert@alpro.com)

              Susen Brenig (Susen.BRENIG@external.alpro.com)

  • Belgium
    Kirsten Willems (kirsten.willems@alpro.com)
    CC: Victorine Clement (victorine.clement@alpro.com)

  • The Netherlands
    Lieke Hoonhorst (Lieke.Hoonhorst@alpro.com)

Anique Van Eeuwijk (Anique.VanEeuwijk@alpro.com)

Stephan Snoeckx (stephan.snoeckx@alpro.com)

CC: Victorine Clement (victorine.clement@alpro.com)

  • Italy
    Antonella Clemente (antonella.clemente@danone.com)
    Thomas Clavreul (thomas.clavreul@danone.com)

  • Australia
    Paula Barbosa (paula.barbosa@danone.com)

            cc: Suzanne Mulier (suzanne.mulier@alpro.com) 

  • South Africa
    Leani Van Tonder (leani.vantonder@danone.com)
    Nicole Neethling (nicole.neethling@danone.com)
    Tarryn Haiden (tarryn.haiden@danone.com)
    Vanessa Siwawa (vanessa.siwawa-ndai@danone.com)

            cc: Suzanne Mulier (suzanne.mulier@alpro.com)

  • Kazakhstan
    William Ton (william.ton@danone.com)
    Alina Ganyova (alina.ganyova@danone.com

            cc: Suzanne Mulier (suzanne.mulier@alpro.com) 

  • Russia
    Natalya Tikhonova (natalya.tikhonova@danone.com) 
    Aysha Ariskina (aysha.ariskina@danone.com)

            cc: Suzanne Mulier (suzanne.mulier@alpro.com) 

  • Belarus
    Maksim Trofimov (maksim.trofimov@danone.com)
    Anna Kushnir (anna.kushnir@danone.com) 
    CC: Danata Kleshcheva (danata.kleshcheva@danone.com), Suzanne Mulier (suzanne.mulier@alpro.com)

  • Estonia
    Toms Treilons (toms.treilons@danone.com)

  • Lithuania
    Toms Treilons (toms.treilons@danone.com)

  • Latvia
    Toms Treilons (toms.treilons@danone.com)

  • Romania
    Alexandra Badea (alexandra.badea@danone.com)

  • Bulgaria
    Alexandra Badea (alexandra.badea@danone.com)

  • Hungary
    Tamás Fitos (tamas.fitos@danone.com)
    Nora Kajtar (nora.kajtar@danone.com)
    Barbora Hornikova (barbora.hornikova@danone.com)

  • Czech Republic
    Tamás Fitos (tamas.fitos@danone.com)
    Nora Kajtar (nora.kajtar@danone.com)
    Barbora Hornikova (barbora.hornikova@danone.com)

  • Slovakia
    Tamás Fitos (tamas.fitos@danone.com)
    Nora Kajtar (nora.kajtar@danone.com)
    Barbora Hornikova (barbora.hornikova@danone.com)

  • Japan
    Yuju Kaneko (yuji.kaneko@danone.com)
    Naoko Matsuoka (naoko.matsuoka@danone.com)

            cc: Suzanne Mulier (suzanne.mulier@alpro.com)

  • Morocco
    Ghizlane Bouzoubaa (ghizlane.bouzoubaa@danone.com)
    Sara Chraibi (sara.chraibi@danone.com)
    Khadija Benkirane (khadija.benkirane@danone.com)

            cc: Suzanne Mulier (suzanne.mulier@alpro.com) 

  • Norway
    Henriikka Hattab (henriikka.hattab@danone.com)
    Jessica Linsten (jessica.linsten@danone.com)

  • Denmark
    Henriikka Hattab (henriikka.hattab@danone.com)
    Elin Jarvinen (elin.jarvinen@danone.com)

  • Finland
    Henriikka Hattab (henriikka.hattab@danone.com)

  • Sweden
    Henriikka Hattab (henriikka.hattab@danone.com)
    Jessica Linsten (jessica.linsten@danone.com)

  • Greece
    Stratos Tsarkos (stratos.tsarkos@danone.com)
    Konstantina Vourtsi (konstantina.vourtsi@external.danone.com)

  • Ukraine
    Anastasiya Shulakova (anastasiya.shulakova@danone.com)

            cc: Suzanne Mulier (suzanne.mulier@alpro.com)

  • Israel
    Anne-Laure De Hults (anne-laure.dehults@alpro.com)

  • Turkey

            Sinan Eralp (sinan.eralp@danone.com.tr)

            Beyza Cakir (Beyza.CAKIR@danone.com)

  • Poland

Matylda Zasada (Matylda.ZASADA@danone.com)

  • Arabic Region

Anne-Laure De Hults (anne-laure.dehults@alpro.com)

  • Arabic Region (English)

Anne-Laure De Hults (anne-laure.dehults@alpro.com)

  • New Zealand

Anne-Laure De Hults (anne-laure.dehults@alpro.com)

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