What is Flowbox? Flowbox allows you to collect images and videos made by your customers in the form of User Generated Content (UGC) and use it elsewhere (email, product pages, social networks, ads and more). How? By capturing all (in Alpro's case: Instagram) posts featuring Alpro content (using @alpro, #alpro, #alpronista, …)

To do’s? Select nice content, send out a right request (to make the content usable), characterize content (Alpro product featured) and add the UGC to the relevant flow (most frequently used: Alpro Community or Alpro Homepage). 

Frequency? Daily (~10min)

The different flows 

The first thing you will notice on Flowbox are the different flows. All posts are gathered in the Masterflow. From there, you can send UGC to more specific flows.

These are the current flows: 

Here is an explanation of the most important flows: 

1. Alpro Global Homepage: The Homepage Flow contains UGC that will appear on the bottom of the homepage of every market's website. The UGC featured here should be 'flawless'; extremely appealing, delicious and Alpro-related. 

Tip: Only select the best UGC content for this flow, as it will be the mean teaser to get the website visitor to further discover the "Your-Alpro-Moment" community page. 

2. Alpro Community: The Alpro Community flow relates to the Community Page 'Your-Alpro-Moment' and will be implemented on all markets' websites in the future. For now, this page is only active in the UK. This flow focuses on global recipe content, i.e. all kinds of recipe posts from influencers, as well as UGC. Again, content should be appealing, yummy and healthy. 

3. Mailing flows (Moosend): These flows are country-specific and contain UGC that will be featured in the subscription emails from that country. This means that for Germany for example, only posts with German language should be added here. The different flows currently existing are:

- Email ES

- Email IT

- Email FR

- Email NL

- Email DE

Note: You can always easily create new flows, according to specific needs. Just click 'Create Flow' and give the flow a name. 

4. Barista Unfiltered

In this flow, content for the Barista Unfiltered webpage is gathered (Barista | Barista Unfiltered (barista-unfiltered.com) ). The flow should consist of a mix between UGC (focusing on Alpro's Barista drinks) and Alpro's own content. 

5. Other flows

For the purpose of specific projects or wishes from a country, specific flows can be created. Current examples are: 'Alpro x Illy', 'Alpromodo (IT), ... 

Adding UGC to a flow

When building a flow, the key element to pay attention to is the overall look and feel. You have to make sure that all posts align and have a similar style.

As you add more photos to your flow, it could be that a certain post turns out to not fit the layout after all. That is okay, you can perfectly remove it if necessary by clicking the red thumb (reject).


1. Browse through the Masterflow to select fitting posts

The Masterflows captures ALL Alpro-related UGC, characterized by #alpro, @alpro, ... . From within the Masterflow, you have to select the best pictures that you'd like to see on the website. 

Tip: You can filter the database by source. A mention often provides better content compared to a simple photo tag. When alpro is mentioned in the caption, it is usually paired with a specific product. This naturally serves as great content for the product IG feeds.

Most content is captured from Instagram but Pinterest can be used as a source as well. This however will rather be adopted to fill the Alpro Community flow, as Pinterest mainly involves recipe posts. Therefore, the pinterest source is currently linked to the Alpro Community flow, instead of the Masterflow. If you wish to direct Pinterest content to another flow, this is still possible (will be explained in next step).

2. Send out right request

Once you’ve found a post, you have to ask the user’s permission to show it on Alpro’s website. On the bottom of the page, you can either ask them automatically or manually. If the user doesn’t allow you to ask for permission automatically, you choose the manual option.

Right request currently exist in 4 different languages (English, French, Dutch and Japanese). 

Automatic request

Select the request you'd like to send out and click 'send' at the bottom right. 

Manual request
When doing a manual request, you open the post on IG and leave a comment with the right request. 

To do this, you have to: 

1. Select a right request

2. Copy the selected right request to your clipboard

3. Open the post through Instagram

You can open the post through IG or Pinterest by clicking on the top left.     

4. Paste the right request as a comment on the photo

5. Adjust the status manually in Flowbox by selecting 'Request posted'

Don’t forget to click on ‘request posted’after having commented manually on someone’s post. Otherwise, Flowbox won’t be able to track the progress of this photo.


Once you’ve asked for permission, that post will be marked as ‘pending’. This means that the request has been saved and is currently in process.

When the user has permitted the use on Alpro’s website, the post will be marked as ‘granted’ and appear under ‘approved’ posts. 

If it takes too long for the user to give permission, the post automatically expires and falls under ‘rejected’. These are marked as ‘declined’. Ofcourse, someone can reject your request as well if they don’t feel comfortable sharing it with Alpro. 

Note: It's important to use the different rights requests templates, to make sure that Google doesn't block your requests. Under Engage --> My Templates, you can add different templates for each language. For example: if you have about 4 templates per language, you can alternate between those.

For future projects, it is convenient to characterize the UGC according to the featured Alpro product, by using 'Tags'. 

If you give a post the right tags, it can later on be used on the website for more specific purposes. 

E.g. posts tagged with the word "lunch" can all together be featured on the recipe-pages in the category "lunch". 

E.g. posts tagged with the words "drinks" "coconut" "nosugar" feature this specific Alpro product and could appear on the product page of the website. 


Characterizing your posts, using different tags, allows for easy linkage to the right pages on the website. 

The tags can be of different types and you can add multiple tags to the same post. An overview of the different tags that are currently used, is given below.

Product category




- Drinks
- Yoghurt
- Greekstyle
- Butter
- Cookingcream
- Skyr
 - ...

- Coconut
- Almond
- Roastedalmond
- Soya
- Vanille
- Chocolate
- Blueberry
- Mango
- Nosugar
- Cherry
- Strawberry
 - ...

- Smoothie
- Waffles
- Pancakes
- Cookie
- Latte
- Cake
- Coffee
- Frenchtoast
- Bakedoats
- Chiapudding
- Muffins
 - ...

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dessert

4. Add the UGC to the relevant flow

The last step is to link the UGC to the correct flow. You simply select the flow name and confirm by clicking 'add'.

Afterwards, you go back to the overview where you should see the post being connected to the Masterflow and newly added flow in question. 


  • Always make sure you’re logged into Alpro’s IG, not your personal account!

  • Don’t wait too long to ask for permission. If a post has been online for a couple of days/weeks, the owner might not notice your request.

  • Always check the user’s language. If he/she speaks French, select the French request.
  • Before sending a request: always check if the post is in collaboration with Alpro. In case of an advertised post ("Whitelisted"), you can approve the photo yourself, by clicking on the thumbs up (granted).

  • Make sure your feed has a wide variety of IG users. Avoid constant repetition of the same users. If they have multiple pretty Alpro photos, pick the best one!

  • Important to remember: Alpro drinks ‘for professionals’ are not the same as barista drinks! This means that you can’t link posts using a ‘for professionals’ product to the barista product page.

  • If wanted, you can pin posts. Pinned posts will always come first in the feed. Note: the pinning happens in a reversed order. The first post you pin, will appear last. Therefore, you have to start with pinning the last post of your fixed flow.
  • Mild & Creamy and Absolutely products are part of the PBAY content (when setting up product feeds).

  • When you notice a specific IG influencer/ambassador frequently making advertised posts for Alpro, you can whitelist them. This allows you to include their posts in your flow immediately, without having to look for them. Once whitelisted posts start coming in, you still have to link them to the correct country. Under ‘Rights requests’, you can find requests with the corresponding status (pending, declined, granted or whitelisted). To add a whitelisted post to a specific country’s flow, you click on the post and follow the same instructions as explained earlier in this document.

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